MN 245G DHS Licensed SUD/CD Treatment Program

Intensive Outpatient SUD/CD Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment services are provided using the 12-Steps model and A New Direction created in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) curriculum that treats addiction in criminal justice-involved clients and is proven to reduce recidivism. The curriculum helps clients identify the distorted thinking patterns at the root of their substance use disorder and criminal behavior. Each client is assessed, and services are created specific to the client needs with emphasis placed on co-occurring disorders, criminal and addictive thinking and relapse prevention.

Services are provided in individual, peer group and family settings. Groups are offered both day & evening in a variety of different levels to meet individual needs:

- High Intensity - 25 hrs/5 days per week
- Regular Intensity - 9 hrs/3 days per week
- Continuing Care - 3 hrs/1 day per week
- Relapse Prevention – 6hrs/2days per week

Mobile SUD/CD Assessments

As the addiction field transitions into the new practices of MN 245G, Recovery Center is dedicated to meeting the needs of the people suffering from addiction.  Mobile SUD/CD assessments are available to adolescents and adults in various settings, i.e. schools, hospitals, jails, etc.  Most assessments can be billed to health insurance so call today to get the help that you or a loved one needs.  All assessments can be done and forwarded to any treatment program of choice with signed release of information forms.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health services are available to all clients by program staff.  In addition, we assist in coordination of care for clients to establish outside agency mental health counseling with area providers for when treatment services are completed, the client has a relationship and rapport with a mental health provider to support their long term recovery effort.

Education Services 

Parenting education and support is offered to all parents especially CPS or court-ordered parents through the treatment program. Special focus is placed on how using substances impacts parenting and children in all stages of development.  In addition, Recovery Center employs a MN licensed teacher to serve as an educator for clients outside of treatment to provide educational services for GED preparation & testing, budgeting, scheduling, parent support and more. We are passionate about learning and being successful in all areas of life!

Domestic Violence Offender Counseling for
Males & Females

MN Statute 518B.02 court-approved 36 group hours or 24 individual sessions of domestic violence therapeutic counseling is offered to both male and female offenders in separate settings utilizing the nationally renowned 4th Edition STOP curriculum by David Wexler, PhD.  The curriculum addresses the influence that substance use has in domestic violence situations. In addition, CBT skills are incorporated in correcting destructive and abusive behaviors to end domestic violence. Classes are facilitated by licensed counseling professionals with significant criminal justice education, training or experience. 

Peer Recovery Support

Peer support services can be provided before, during and after treatment to help clients connect with resources that support recovery. Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) support clients by sharing their personal recovery experience, and engaging clients quickly to offer reassurance, reduce fears, answer questions, support motivation and convey hope.  Peer Recovery services include: education, advocacy, mentoring through self-disclosure of personal recovery experiences, attending recovery and other support groups with a client, accompanying the client to appointments that support recovery, assistance accessing resources to obtain housing, employment, education, and advocacy services, and nonclinical recovery support to assist the transition from treatment into the recovery community. Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) are honored and proud to share their many years of recovery experience with clients!


Transportation can be provided by staff and volunteers in assisting clients in getting to their necessary appointments such as: medical, therapeutic, legal and family (child visitations, court hearings, probation meetings, employment interviews and more).